1 December 2018– 12 May 2019

ALBERTAS ŽULKUS (1933-2016), a sculptor, a wood carver and a member of the Lithuanian Folk Artists Union, was born on 8th of September 1933 to a large Samogitian peasant family living in Janapolė village, Telšiai District. His choice to take on joinery was encouraged by both his father and his uncle Vincentas Gečas, who was a well-known wood carver of religious figures in Samogitia at the time.  After the WWII, Albertas was enrolled to the School of Fine Arts in Telšiai, where he studied his craftsmanship, and which, later on, evolved into the Technical School of Applied Arts. From 1958, the artist lived and worked in Palanga. 1958 through to 1993 he worked at the Klaipėda Art Centre „Dailė“. Collection of works by Albertas Žulkus is represented by stylized figures of the Pensive Christ, Shrovetide carnival masks, sculptures, souvenirs, crosses and statuesque pieces of work displayed at the Hill of Witches and the Park of Sculptures in Ablinga. Albertas Žulkus spent many years bringing to perfection the harmony of wood and amber in a single composition. According to a number of art critics, he had almost no competitors among other Lithuanian artists working in this field. The artist preserved his childhood memories in his mind of different household utensils that were common in a daily life of the peasant family. By giving them original shapes, the artist revived ornamental ladles, spoons, casks, vases, bowls and plates, which became popular as decorative interior elements in many private houses and even restaurants. Works by Albertas Žulkus are also popular among the art lovers in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, France and Russia. His works feature in art collections in the USA. Pieces of the artist‘s creations were acquired by and are exhibited in the Amber Museum in Palanga, as well as Ethnographical Museums in Kretinga,  Telšiai, Plungė, Vilnius and Kaunas. 


LINAS ŽULKUS was born on 18th of May 1965 in Palanga, to the family of artists. His parents, mother Teresė, a weaver, and father Albertas, a sculptor, were his greatest teachers and sources of inspiration. From his early childhood, when spending time in his father’s workshop and assisting him, Linas was taking in peculiarities of wood carving, amber decoration, composition and other craftsmanship skills. In 1984, Linas became a student of the Faculty of Folklore Music Instruments at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. A part of his life was devoted to music.  However, Linas starts spending more and more of his time working on wood sculptures. The passion that has accompanied him since the childhood has finally become the main focus of his life. In 1992, Linas Žulkus became a member of the the Lithuanian Folk Artists Union. Soon after that, first exhibitions held jointly with his father followed. Linas Žulkus carves wood sculptures,  Shrovetide carnival masks, makes furniture, vases, unique statues of awards, cameos, necklesses and brooches carved of bone. For decoration of his works the artist uses amber and ornament motives specific to the ancient Baltic culture, animal images, especially birds. Such authenticity is found attractive in Europe. Works by Linas Žulkus find their way to expositions in Germany, France, Denmark and Sweden. In 2013, the artist establishes an association called „The Žulkai Creative Workshop and Gallery“, which plays an important role in the cultural life of Palanga. Linas takes part in educational projects and different cultural events organised both in Palanga town and Lithuania wide. 

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